5 benefits of the IP security system

One of the great advantages that technological advance has brought is the possibility of integrating into a single platform, the multiple systems we use for different purposes, from working on a computer to talking on the phone, sending an email or recording videos, everything can be done almost instantaneously and without the need to use a lot of time, just a few configurations and everything is ready.

In the case of information technologies, a great invention that counts today is IP video, which allows capturing, compressing and converting sequences of moving images into data streams, which can be transmitted over networks of the computer, whether they are LAN, WLAN or Internet.

Based on this, electronic security and room to room wireless intercom system have been widely favoured, since through the development of different software and hardware, today we can perform multiple functions with only a few images.

Indeed, the IP surveillance systems have arisen thanks to the technological revolution, whose images and audios captured by cameras and microphones are subsequently compressed and transmitted through a local data network or the Internet, to be accessible from different points through common computers and currents, or counting on the indicated hardware.

In this way, all the necessary data of the surveillance can be obtained, to then generate automatic responses before any event that the operator defines, all at a distance and without the need to intervene in the camera to monitor everything that happens.

IP surveillance versus CCTV
There are several who, when it comes to worrying about security in their homes, opt for closed-circuit television , which offers several advantages in terms of perimeter and interior monitoring, but they have a small “but”: their images are always they maintain like analogue videos, where one that another cable is required to make the necessary connections, which in occasions, can be cut of the anything or suffer damages that finish ending with any attempt of surveillance.

For its part, IP surveillance does not require wiring for each camera, since the transport of images and audio is via data networks, which carry everything compressed and much more efficiently.

In addition, it integrates a quite interesting function, since, for example, it is possible to have bi-directional audio, that is, in a monitoring station you can hear conversations and sounds of where the cameras are, as well as speaking to those who are close to you. they.

What yes, this system needs some implements, such as IP cameras, video servers, IP video decoders, digital network recorder and intelligent software for central monitoring, only in this way everything will be controlled.

That being the case, IP surveillance systems are an excellent investment for those who need intelligence and state-of-the-art technology in order to feel safe and secure, something they will never regret.

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