Best Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews

Nowadays, having a commercial pressure washer reviews is something much more accessible than it was a while ago.

The pressure washers are tools that from a connection to a water source add pressure to it and, depending on the characteristics of the machine and the configuration, are capable of delivering pressures of up to 50 times more than a hose. Equipped with the right accessories, they are practical for cleaning surfaces, vehicles, cleaning in height, in pipes, etc.


The high pressure that this equipment provides translates into a stronger impact on the surface to be cleaned, which causes a simpler removal of dirt and makes them capable of performing the most difficult cleanings, requiring less time to complete the work.

There are also accessories for pressure washers that help different clean types of surfaces, from cars to patios or walls. In many cases the compatibility depends on each brand, so it is important to investigate the options prior to purchase.

Karcher K3 High Pressure Cleaner (Water Pump with High Pressure Hose)

We continue, going up in category and benefits. We are already in the middle range of high pressure cleaners. The advantage of this Karcher K3 water pressure cleaning machine is its manageability.

Points to mark:

  • Big wheels
  • Reduced weight
  • You can move it easily while doing the washbasin tasks.


  • The materials are made of plastic, but the machine is robust and its finishes transmit quality.
  • The high pressure hose is 6 meters long, and you connect it directly to the spray gun.


  • It fits to say that these models work with cold water. To use hot water you have to go to high-end professional models.
  • To work, you must connect the machine to a water supply. Serve a watering hose that you have in the yard or garden.
  • You can also connect it to a single-lever faucet in the bathroom or kitchen, although for this you must resort to an adapter.


Important features:

  • Model: Karcher K3 pressure washer
  • Dimensions: 24 (length) x 28 (width) x 78 cm (height)
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Water pressure: 110 bar
  • Voltage: 220 volts

Bosch AQT 37-13 PLUS High Pressure Washers


Its robust and compact design gives the machine a lasting character.

It presents as a novelty a 3 in 1 nozzle, with the functions of:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Soaping
  • Final Rinse

It has enough accessories to perform deep cleaning, reaching every corner of the terrace, garden or home wall.

The high pressure hose that incorporates reaches 6 meters in length.

It has a folding handle and wheels to move the device comfortably.


  • The connections of the machine are made quickly and easily. And it incorporates support to hold the accessories.
  • With an engine power of 1,700 W, it achieves a maximum flow of 370 liters / hour
  • And the maximum pressure at which the water comes out is 130 bar
  • It has an automatic stop function. Which means that you activate and stop the water pressure when you want, instantaneously?
  • Therefore, its energy efficiency has achieved Class A (the best).

Main features:

  • Model: Bosch AQT 37-13 PLUS pressure washer
  • Dimensions: 44 (long) x 40 (wide) x 38 cm (high)
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Water pressure: 130 bar
  • Voltage: 220 volts

Karcher K 4 Full Control Hidroclepiator 1.324-000.0 (reviews and price)

  • It is a machine with higher performance than previously seen.
  • Its weight and dimensions are greater, due to its greater water cleaning power.
  • The gun has a pressure regulator to increase or decrease it according to your interest.


  • It comes with a hose reel.
  • It is a very stable machine.
  • And you can adjust the height of the handle, so you will clean on high-rise surfaces without being uncomfortable.


  • You can change the water pressure mode to soaping mode automatically.
  • Your spray lance is turned, so you regulate the water power you need at any time.
  • Its engine works by induction, and is refrigerated, which guarantees many years of operation of the machine in optimal conditions.

Main Features:

  • Model: Karcher K 4 Full Control washer
  • Dimensions: 30 (length) x 40 (width) x 58 cm (height)
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Flow rate: 420 liters of water per hour
  • Voltage: 220 volts

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