Best Electric Pressure Washer 2018

A electric pressure washer is an object that is widely used in cleaning operations. It emits a strong jet of water, whose task is to remove dirt or encrustations of various kinds from any solid surface. This is why it is used to clean the garden, the sports equipment, on the sidewalks or to clean the machines from the mud.

Features of the Electric High-Pressure Cleaner:


First of all, from an engine that can be powered by both electricity and liquid fuel, such as diesel or petrol. The fluid used by theĀ best electric pressure washer 2018 is almost always water, which thanks to the intense pressure is strong enough to remove even the most resistant dirt.

The jet is fired at a very high speed and force, thus providing a valid means of cleaning. Every professional high-pressure washer is made of a water pump, whose usefulness is precisely that of firing the water jet. The pump is affected by high pressure. The electric motor is located at the center of the pressure washer and in some cases it can be an endothermic engine that is to contain the thermal energy inside it.

The common pressure washer supports pressure of about 300 bar; there are, however, special models that support a pressure that can even reach the limit of 1600 bar. In this last case, the water could even be powerful enough to remove the graffiti on the walls.

Moreover, in the pressure washer, there is always the gun from which the jet is fired, a lance through which the fluid and the nozzle pass. The dimensions of the pressure washer and other intrinsic characteristics vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


The Types of Waterers:

Some of these are fed solely by hot water. Others have an internal heater that can turn the liquid into vapor. Some of the high-pressure washers allow the use of certain chemicals, prohibiting the use of others. Not only. Some objects of this type are equipped with a system that allows the reuse of water, which however cannot be heated again.


The operating principle behind a pressure washer is quite simple. The motor acts on the pump, making it run at a constant speed. This puts pressure on the water. Thanks to a special valve it is possible to regulate the amount of water that can be used and the relationship between water flow and pressure varies.

In most cases, we try not to recycle the water, as it could damage, even in a severe way, the internal parts of the pressure washer. The pool is heated thanks to the presence of a small boiler located directly on the machine. The pool, subjected to the action of very high pressure, runs along the tube almost entirely and exits the nozzle.

Dangers & Contraindications

Generally, there is always a danger to the operator, who risks getting hurt due to the power of the jet. There is also a danger to the surrounding environment, which would be of little consequence if the plane was directed on windows or cars.

This is why environmental regulations regulate the use of the pressure washer. All water must be collected in puddles and must, therefore, be disposed of with special waste status. In other cases, this type of water must be treated even before being placed in the sewer, in the shallow waters of rivers or lakes or sea water.

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