Best Mens Sport Watches Under 500 Dollars

The bezel is the ring that rotates around the best mens sport watches under 500 face. It is an essential element, especially in analogue watches, as it will tell you how long you have been in the water since you started the dive.

Check that the ring turns freely and gently. However, it should not turn too easily, to prevent you from being able to move it unintentionally during the

To dive, the bevel has to rotate only in the anti-clockwise direction (unidirectional rotation). This way, if you accidentally moved during the dive, it would always be to make it shorter, which would maintain your safety.

It is also important that brands that account for a time have divisions of at least five minutes and that is clearly indicated.

Watch material for diving

A body of the watch

The watch case is usually quite thick to properly withstand the high pressure to which it is subjected during the dive.

In general, the watches that withstand the greatest pressure are made of heavier materials, such as stainless steel. If you do not plan to do deep dives, you can opt for lighter models made of titanium or even plastic for digital models.


The most important thing when choosing the type of strap is that it is extensible and long enough so that you can adjust it according to whether you dive with a more or less thick suit or even without sleeves. If not, think that you will have to change the strap every time you dive with a different suit or if you want to use the watch out of the water.

For the rest, the choice of belt material will depend on your tastes and preferences: from the most classic solid steel belts to the most modern silicone options, including nylon, etc.

Keep in mind that leather straps are not suitable for diving /snorkelling.

How to make the final decision

To summarize, when choosing your watch for diving, you must take into account the following points:

The clock gives you the necessary information: is immersion time enough or do you want it to record other parameters such as depth?

It has the water resistance you need for the type of diving you will do: will you do many deep dives? Do you dedicate yourself to technical diving?

  • The information of the watch is easy to read, even in conditions of total darkness: backlighting, phosphorescent hands, etc.
  • The strap is extensible and comfortable.
  • The watch is well sealed and compact.
  • Maintenance of the diving watch.
  • After each dive, remember to clean your watch (like the rest of the equipment) with fresh water to eliminate salt and possibly sand.
  • Do not keep the watch wet: let it dry in the air, but avoiding direct sun exposure.

Avoid leaving the watch exposed to the sun for a long period of time before a dive, as the sudden change of temperature could irreversibly damage the watch, losing its tightness.

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