5+ Best Motion Detectors To Have In Home

The best motion detector is a very useful device for people who frequently perform spontaneous activities at night when they need lighting that activates in their path.


The so-called presence sensor is an electronic device composed of sensors that react to an activity. These devices are often used by security, entertainment or convenience systems, such as those implemented at the doors of shops that open automatically when a person approaches.

However, there are also those that are used simply to light and illuminate spaces lacking in light such as closet, hallways, garages or gardens just when you pass, being an effective solution when you arrive at your house in the dark and you need to open the door, find something or simply avoid tripping.

What Is The Best Motion Detector?

If you want to have this equipment for your home, but you do not know which one is the most suitable, we invite you to check the following list where after evaluating the most outstanding characteristics we determine which are the most efficient, functional and at a good price that you can buy right now:


VicTsing motion sensor

  • It is a kit composed of two units perfect for locating them outdoors like gardens, garages or patio.
  • It is super powerful with 16 powerful LED lamps with brightness up to 320lm.
  • Motion sensors are ultrasensitive and high performance, operating with a solar panel with light conversion is up to 17%.
  • It is also waterproof and freezes proof which guarantees the operation in extreme conditions.

Osram Spylux

  • It is versatile equipment that works as a flashlight and detector of movements in interiors and exteriors which will respond in a radius of action of up to 4m.
  • It works with 3 AAA batteries and you will not need cable and electric current, so you will have the freedom to locate it where you need it.
  • It is discreet, with compact dimensions and a power of 0.23W.

Ranex light spot

  • It has all the certificates that guarantee that the product is of quality. It is also durable, resistant and has an efficient energy consumption class D.
  • It is super compact and weighs only 100g. It has good capacity to illuminate thanks to a powerful LED bulb.
  • The lamp will be completely off, but upon perceiving a movement it will turn on and remain for 5 minutes if it detects no new activity.

Osram LED Nightlux

  • Frequently used are corridors, stairs or small spaces; however, it is resistant to the weather so you can also use it outdoors.
  • It is wireless, easy to install, use and is manufactured by a brand that constantly evolves in the equipment of this type.
  • The luminous flux is 30lm, the power is 0.3W and it is a product at an excellent price in relation to the quality that you will receive.

Mpow Solar Focus 8 LED

  • Represents an improved version that precedes the brand, it comes re-powered with a solar panel capable of absorbing more cargo without being directly exposed to the sun’s rays and also will do it faster.
  • It has three types of lighting easily adaptable to the space in which you place it and with which you will extend the duration of the battery.
  • You can purchase a single unit or a two- or four-piece kit.

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