5+ Best Smart Home Plugs & Switches for 2018

Being immersed in a world dominated by various electrical appliances, it is necessary to have tools that maximize the safety of our environment.

To be calm even when we are not around, we can have the best smart plug that guarantees the protection of our precious equipment.

And it is that all at some time we have had this concern, which in many cases limits people to be away from home, either in the daily tasks and obligations or during a trip. Not being able to do anything to prevent an overload from ruining electronic devices, creating dangerous shorts that cause major damage such as fire, is a frustrating situation.


This can be remedied thanks to these shots, created with good quality, innovation and price options that will surely adapt to your needs. It will be well worth making this investment to avoid risks that affect our most precious possessions.

What Is The Best Smart Plug?

A device known as domestic is that created for the home automation best-smart-plug of the operation of buildings, managing the electrical consumption, safety and proper functioning of electrical components at the user’s preference.

  • In the case of smart plugs, they can help considerably to improve the way in which the appliances connected to it operate, helping to save energy at home while protecting their components.
  • When acquiring one of these advanced connection points, we must observe that they comply with the following premises:
  • Programming and energy saving: configurable by apps, PC software or timers. Contributing to the progressive saving of electricity consumption.
  • Security: they will preserve the equipment against voltage peaks. The supported power must be verified.

Accessibility: from buttons on a remote control to internet connection systems, these will be managed and monitored remotely. A great support for those with limited mobility.

# 1 Smart Home Automation Plug T4-GSM AXN-PS301

The main quality of this product is the ability to activate and deactivate the devices, through an SMS message, a call or using the application created especially for this purpose. You will need a SIM card that provides GSM coverage wherever you are, without the need for a Wi-Fi signal.

Through its temperature probe, the amount of heat generated is verified. Electric service interruptions are notified to the owner by a text message. It comes with 110V-230V / 50Hz input, supporting up to 3600W. It is programmable to turn off and on from virtually anywhere. It is highly recommended.

Best-Smart-Home Plugs-Switches

# 2 Belkin WEMO Insight F7C029ca

This smart power outlet uses the advantage of the Wi-Fi signal, a popular trend in the domotic socket market. The user is able to program their operation through an app installed on an iOS or Android device, through which they can know the amount of energy used.

Allows the creation of working calendars. It enables IFTTT functions, expanding its interaction capacity with other web applications. Its installation and operation are simple, handling maximums of 120V / 60Hz and up to 1800W in electrical equipment. Directed exclusively to French type C plugs. We recommend its use in humidity free spaces.

# 3 Wattio POD

Smart plug capable of being operated remotely via Wi-FI. Operates with another device of the same brand, the Wattio Gate. It receives the signals of an order of turned off and ignition of equipment, sending an alert before some eventuality. The application control coverage can reach a space of 30 meters.

It enables the owner to use his Smartphone to turn on a computer and thus simulate the presence in the home, which prevents unwanted visits from intruders and thieves. It offers good protection against voltage spikes. Its buyers comment on its size, which usually occupies the space of two connectors.

# 4 TP-LINK HS110 wireless smart plugs


This device connects to wireless networks to be managed and able to supply the information required by its operator. It has two buttons, one to return the factory values in case of needing its reset and the Wi-FI control button, which informs of the status of the signal and connection.

The free application Kasa is the communication channel between the domestic socket and the user, programming the operating time and the specific ignition schedule. It offers statistics in real time about the power used by the connected device. Affordable product with good quality and price ratio.

# 5 Etekcity ZAP 5LX

This is a complete energy control system that contains 5 connective receivers to be distributed in the space that the user determines convenient. Each smart plug allows direct energy monitoring, using one of the two remote controls that it brings.

Each control has an on / off button for each receiver, for a total of 10 buttons, with a strength and signal range of up to 30 meters. 120V input and maximum power 1200W. The remote uses AAA batteries. It is suitable for people with disabilities. The less expensive of the comparison.

Energy saving and safety are elements that make these plugs suitable for your home, especially if we consider that there is still little awareness of the risks involved in leaving electrical equipment connected continuously throughout the day. This tendency is often observed in the way we use electric chargers, which remain in the electrical outlet for a very long time.

Only when the damage occurs is that we realize this serious mistake that we usually make. Safety goes hand in hand with comfort, being able to manage the behaviour of the devices at any time and place thanks to advances in telecommunications, while it controls the remote device that surrounds children and people with disabilities. For all these reasons, buying an intelligent plug is without a doubt the best decision you can make.

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