12+ Best Vacuum Cleaners to be Dust Free 2018

Every housewife wants to have the best broom vacuum cleaner in her home, why? Because it is a product that has revolutionized the way of cleaning houses and is designed to remove dust from floors and carpets in the fastest, simplest and most modern way.

Something that really is really unpleasant is having the floors dirty, and worse than that is the accumulation of bacteria on the surface and this is a situation that does not save the floors of wood, linoleum or tiles, so you have to be constantly cleaning them.

Luckily a team has arrived so effective that it will save a lot of time in that activity, which we are sure, is not anyone’s favourite; it’s about the vacuum cleaner broom, an artefact designed to make your life easier, as far as deep cleaning of floors is concerned.


This innovative device eliminates sand, dust, pet hair or food remains from inaccessible places because simply the equipment will suck everything in its path, adapting to the surface on which it will work, without mistreating the delicate floors of the house.

Versatility is another of its advantages, as well as being able to clean on different types of surface without damaging it, some models become a hand vacuum cleaner, perfect for working on the upholstery of furniture, car seats, curtains, carpets and more, so it will be an indispensable tool in your home to keep it impeccable every day.

What Is The Best Broom Vacuum Cleaner?

The advantages offered by a high-end vacuum cleaner are important; First of all, they do a more effective job, they have better quality and they are also faster and more powerful, so these pieces are a worthwhile investment.

On the other hand, there are the most economical ones, which, not being cheap, cease to be efficient, on the contrary, they have good functions and they are prepared to satisfy the needs of the users.

Given these two options, when buying a vacuum cleaner broom you must take into account your budget to choose the most appropriate.


To guide you in the process, after making a comparison between several models we can list the best brooms vacuum cleaners you can find, from the most advanced to the simplest, considering that they are resistant, silent and well valued by users, ideal for parquet, porcelain tile or rustic floor, where surely you will find the right one to keep your house always shiny.

Rowenta Air Force RH8871 25V

A vacuum of 25V of power, adaptable to three positions according to the floor you are going to clean. Includes the Delta Ultra Slim nozzle to reach the most difficult places.

  • Treat the floors with care and with a single pass the floor will be fully aspirated.
  • It works with a lithium battery that is fully charged in six hours and gives a range of 55 minutes.

Bosch Athlet BBH625W60

It is a high-end broom vacuum with a power three times greater than an average model. It has two modes of aspiration, two speeds and a brush with fibre filaments that collect all the dirt in its path.


It is simple to use, and at the same time has accessories that increase its versatility, as well as different brushes, complement for the corners and the perfect hand vacuum for curtains, furniture upholstery and you, can use it as a car vacuum cleaner.

Electrolux ZB3211 ergorapido

Traditionally this brand stands out for its excellent domestic appliance, and the vacuum broom is not the exception.

  • Its greatest strength is in the battery, which is more durable, with more power, is charged faster and offers greater autonomy.
  • The equipment also has an ultra lightweight so it will be more manageable; it is also easy to assemble and is available in five colours.

Philips FC6162 Power Pro Duo

No matter what floor you have, this team will do a great job. Your brush has a technology to catch more dust in less time, and will also adhere and pet hair.

  • The suction power is optimal; the structure is resistant and has a good finish, so it is an excellent option considering its low price.

Hoover Globe GL84

It is one of the models friendly to the environment and provides maximum energy savings.

  • The piece includes a special accessory for cleaning stairs, as well as others that complement its functions.
  • It is a powerful product that guarantees a great performance.
  • In turn, you can make agile movements from your handle and users who already have it claim that it is a team of excellent quality, functional and that complies with what it promises.

Dirt Devil DD1400 Dusty 360

One of the most advantageous features is that it is a 2 in 1 machine, the same broom and hand vacuum cleaner, which has a brush that rotates up to 180 ° and adjusts to the direction in which you move it.

  • As well as the steam cleaning mop, this vacuum cleaner has a microfiber cloth to work on the most delicate floors, without generating wear or scratches.
  • The equipment is powerful, high quality and designed to meet your expectations and the best is its affordable price.

Polti Forzaspir SE110

The most important feature of this piece is that it works with a cable connected to the current, so you will not have to worry about having to charge it or the worn battery.

  • The brush has perfect bristles for parquet floor, which gives the maximum care and leaves it resplendent.
  • At the same time, it has a filter designed to catch, hair, mites, pollen and more, making your cleaning easier.

Taurus Unlimited Lithium

With a futuristic design, a lightweight and a long structure, this model is one of the most modern vacuum cleaners you can have.

  • It has the powerful Cyclone function, which while the air circulates, separates the lightest particles from the heaviest ones, taking the last ones to the end of the collecting container.
  • In the same way, its price-quality ratio is excellent, it has versatility and is a model designed to become your favourite cleaning ally.
  • The structure is made of plastic, with a compact and resistant design. The handle is super long, so you will not have to bend and expose yourself to uncomfortable spinal pain.
  • It is one of the models that best treat the upholstery as carpet, curtains and furniture thanks to the delicate textiles of the headboard.

On the other hand easy to handle, it has great quality and the price is cheap.

Ufesa AE4418 Practika

It is super light equipment, with an 18V battery that will emit a signal when it is discharging.

  • It is a functional device, capable of trapping all the dirt in its path and after finishing the process, dismantling and washing it is also simple.
  • This team is the favourite of many because it represents a real solution in terms of household cleaning for a competitive price.

Broomless Vacuum Cleaner 2 × 1 Conga Duo Stick Pro

The same is a powerful device with 18.8V, which complies with what promises and is easy to use. The equipment incorporates a motorized brush for efficient cleaning and is used without effort.

  • The best thing is that it has a warranty for two years and is a device that will clean without leaving traces of dirt.
  • On the other hand, its ergonomic design of 2.7kg has rubber wheels in the head and is considered extremely lightweight handling equipment.

It is the best option when you need an economic and good piece.

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