10+ Best Viscoelastic Mattresses for a True Rest 2018

With the best viscoelastic mattress, you will achieve a rest like never before, and you will feel totally renewed when you wake up after a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Innovation has reached the mattress market and that is why it is common to find new options constantly, so buying the most suitable piece could be tedious when comparing the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages among so many available models.

But if you are about to invest in a piece like this, here we have prepared a guide for you to know about the product and choose the most favourable option adapted to your needs.


What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

It is nothing more than a mattress designed to offer a better rest applying a new technology composed generally of three layers.

The Upper Level:

It is on which you will rest when you lie down and due to the heat generated by your body when coming into contact, the material will yield adapting perfectly to your contour, providing comfort and reducing the pressure on the joints.

Similarly, as with the viscoelastic cervical pillow, when the heat is lost because you get up or change position the mattress will return to its initial shape.

The Second Level:

It is more rigid because it is the one that truly works as a support for the body.

The Third Level:

It is the base of the mattress and generally the larger one, it must be made of highly resistant material because it is the base of the structure.

Why Choose A Memory Foam Mattress?


A foam mattress made of this material is more comfortable and also provides health benefits; these pieces are considered orthopaedic mattresses and are favourable for patients with circulation problems or body aches.

Another advantage is that if you sleep as a couple, the technology has “separation of movements” so if one of the two moves the other will not feel it, and thus you can sleep without interruptions.

In conclusion, resting on a memory mattress represents advantages to conceive a deep sleep that really relaxes, as well as receive a health therapy.

Key Points of a Memory Foam Mattress


The most essential thing to choose a mattress is to know the support it offers the body to maintain a balanced weight in a good posture that avoids pain by lying down in inappropriate positions, in this way you will reduce conditions such as migraines, back pain and torticollis.

  • In conclusion, viscoelastic mattresses are a great investment and their advantages are so well known that they are now considered the best piece to rest.
  • Factors to consider when buying this mattress.
  • Buying a cheap viscoelastic mattress is ideal, as long as we make sure that they are a quality model considering the following aspects.

The size:

  • Like any mattress on the market, you can find these in the most popular sizes, whether individual, double, queen size, king size or super king.
  • In the same way, you must take into account the thickness of the piece; This is an important measure, so it is one of the first data that manufacturers give.
  • You must have an idea of how you want it, if you prefer a flexible mattress, or perhaps a thicker mattress, knowing that this dimension does not determine its quality, since it only depends on the type of material with which it is made.

Type of foam

These are the most frequent components of viscoelastic mattresses.

Viscoelastic foam:

It is the most recognized, made with polyurethane foam. In the beginning, it was used for bedding, but at present, the use has gone beyond for the manufacture of mattresses.


  • Isolate the movement.
  • Relieves back pain
  • It is good for circulation.
  • There are pieces of various prices.
  • The durability is on average seven years


  • In summer climates you can feel warm on the piece.
  • The response time of the foam is slow.
  • When they know they could release typical chemical odours from the manufacturing material.

Molten gel:

The sensation is equal to the memory foam, but the difference is that it is composed of millions of gel beads to reduce the sensation of heat.


  • The temperature when you lie down will be cooler.
  • Avoid movement transfer, perfect for sleeping with a partner.
  • Although the technology is recent, they are easy to locate.


It also expels chemical gases, but they are less detected by people.


The composition of the mattress is divided between viscoelastic foam or gel together with plant extracts, for which commonly use bamboo, soy, aloe vera or others.


  • It is just as efficient with the separation of movement.
  • They are cool mattresses.
  • The odours of the materials are practically nonexistent.
  • It is the most indicated for allergic people.
  • They are ecological.


  • They are usually more expensive.
  • Density or level of firmness
  • This characteristic is considered according to the particular taste of the person, in the softer there will be a greater sinking sensation and in the firmest, there will also be a smaller scale.
  • None is of more quality than the other; they are simply different and fit individual needs.

What Is The Best Viscoelastic Mattress?

The popularity of these mattresses has been catapulted, so the factories elaborate their proposal to have a place in this industry.

So many models that are in the market then you will know the 10 mattresses with greater benefits and better prices you can buy:

ECO-DE Baicent Fleur de Lavande

  • Decrease pressure points, perfectly align the body and decrease movements to “accommodate”.
  • It is also the ideal piece to improve circulation and is used for treatments of certain pains.
  • With this piece, rest is assured, as well as a deep and restful sleep.


  • The cover is highly breathable, making it the perfect mattress to keep you cool at night.
  • Also, the thickness is 27cm and the level of firmness is medium composed of several layers.
  • It is a high-end piece that offers the highest quality and comfort to the user.


The best part is that it is a reversible mattress with both sides covered with viscoelastic material.

  • It has a high level of firmness and at the same time guarantees the isolation of movements in the bed.
  • Due to waterproof 3D textiles and fabrics that incorporate natural materials such as aloe vera, make the piece anti-allergenic, ideal for people with sensitivity.
  • It is one of the most innovative models to include the Viscogel material; it is present mainly in the first layer of the mattress to maintain a cooler temperature.

You will love the feeling of weightlessness and the level of adaptability with which you will rest pleasantly.

Also, the piece is anti-mite and antibacterial, so it will not share the bed with unwanted agents. It is also a reversible model with medium firmness and great quality.

Viscoelastic Mattress Double Face Medical Comfort Home 24

The most advantageous of this product is that, aside from being reversible, one side is for summer and the other is for winter, each with particular characteristics for each season.

  • When you buy this mattress you will receive a viscoelastic gift pillow that will complement your bed and give more comfort when sleeping.
  • It is a versatile piece, flexible, resistant and the price-quality ratio is unbeatable.

Extra Comfort Viscoelastic Mattress

The 3D fabrics that cover the mattress will give you a feeling of constant freshness perfect for hot climates.

  • It is the ideal bed for everyone, regardless of the weight or the position in which you sleep. The firmness is also medium and offers a perfect balance for the body.
  • The manufacture of the piece goes through a strict hygiene process that guarantees a totally sterilized product, free of polluting agents.

Viscogel Mattress Viscogel Due-Home

This model is also reversible with sides to cope with hot or cold seasons.

  • A face composed with the innovative gel to give freshness during the summer and the other with heat-sensitive viscoelastic tissue in contact with the body.
  • Both sides are comfortable, with quality materials and a light sinking feeling to make the piece cosier.
  • It is composed of three layers of high density, and firmness that guarantees a good rest for the user, so it is the best orthopaedic mattress that you can have to give a balance to your body.

The upper level is covered by tissues that allow air circulation and is also a piece with antibacterial and anti-mite treatments that make it a safer bed for allergic people.

Viscoelastic Mattress Memory Fresh Hogar24

The visco-elastic foam layer measures two centimetres and is complemented by soft natural cotton to make it even more comfortable.

It is a piece with intermediate firmness, reversible and with independent movement system thanks to which no person will feel the movements of the other.

It is a mattress of high resistance and at the same time, it is specially designed to prevent the accumulation of heat.

The technology used is of the last generation, with innovative materials and of the highest quality to offer an ideal piece for both summer and winter.

Hygiene processes are very careful to make the mattress indicated for the most sensitive skin, also it is also favourable for people with asthma or allergic to dust or any agent that may inhabit the mattress.

It is a piece that takes care of quality and gives equal importance to the way of rest of the buyers, so it suits the majority of people with different needs.

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