5 benefits of the IP security system

One of the great advantages that technological advance has brought is the possibility of integrating into a single platform, the multiple systems we use for different purposes, from working on a computer to talking on the phone, sending an email or recording videos, everything can be done almost instantaneously and without the need to use a lot of time, just a few configurations and everything is ready.

In the case of information technologies, a great invention that counts today is IP video, which allows capturing, compressing and converting sequences of moving images into data streams, which can be transmitted over networks of the computer, whether they are LAN, WLAN or Internet.

Based on this, electronic security and room to room wireless intercom system have been widely favoured, since through the development of different software and hardware, today we can perform multiple functions with only a few images.

Indeed, the IP surveillance systems have arisen thanks to the technological revolution, whose images and audios captured by cameras and microphones are subsequently compressed and transmitted through a local data network or the Internet, to be accessible from different points through common computers and currents, or counting on the indicated hardware.

In this way, all the necessary data of the surveillance can be obtained, to then generate automatic responses before any event that the operator defines, all at a distance and without the need to intervene in the camera to monitor everything that happens.

IP surveillance versus CCTV
There are several who, when it comes to worrying about security in their homes, opt for closed-circuit television , which offers several advantages in terms of perimeter and interior monitoring, but they have a small “but”: their images are always they maintain like analogue videos, where one that another cable is required to make the necessary connections, which in occasions, can be cut of the anything or suffer damages that finish ending with any attempt of surveillance.

For its part, IP surveillance does not require wiring for each camera, since the transport of images and audio is via data networks, which carry everything compressed and much more efficiently.

In addition, it integrates a quite interesting function, since, for example, it is possible to have bi-directional audio, that is, in a monitoring station you can hear conversations and sounds of where the cameras are, as well as speaking to those who are close to you. they.

What yes, this system needs some implements, such as IP cameras, video servers, IP video decoders, digital network recorder and intelligent software for central monitoring, only in this way everything will be controlled.

That being the case, IP surveillance systems are an excellent investment for those who need intelligence and state-of-the-art technology in order to feel safe and secure, something they will never regret.

5+ Best-Selling Antique Wood Turntables

The antique wood turntables have a vintage charm that is often lacking in the most modern players.

While the most modern record players are aesthetically minimalist, the old record players have a warm aesthetic that pleases the eye.


Moreover, antique turntables could be considered as a decorative element within a house. Imagine a wooden turntable how well it would be in a room.

The following table summarizes the best turntable under 100 that are covered in this article. You can click to see the price. Below is a brief summary of the models.

  • Sunstech PXR3
  • Roadstar HIF-1899TUMP
  • Dual NR 4 Nostalgie
  • TOCADISCOS Auna NR-620
  • Ricatech RMC350

Vintage turntables provide an excellent alternative to modern players. Technologically, the new record players with an old air are as good as any modern model of the same price range.

In this article I am going to focus on some of the best antique turntables with old air and wood finish that can be found. If you are looking for a retro record player with a style of 50 or 60, it is better to take a look at this other post.

So without lengthening more, here are the best old wooden turntables.

Roadstar HIF-1899TUMPK – Turntable (AM / FM, CD player, USB), brown

Sunstech Pxr3

Let’s start the series with the Sunstech PXR3. It’s not the first time I talk about him. In fact, I selected it as the best turntable under 100. In Amazon it is worth less than € 90, in other physical stores I have seen it for up to € 150.

I would say that it is one of Amazon’s best-selling antique record players and it has excellent reviews

Without being a turntable that would buy an audiophile, the wooden box gives the impression of having in front of a very elegant collector’s piece.

Its functionality is very simple, but it should also be noted that it is a turntable with USB input that will allow you to record our mp3 albums.

And what I like most, that has an RCA output to adapt it to an external amplifier and enjoy it well of sound.

For me, personally, the internal speakers are a bit short and can be found better on turntables in similar price ranges.

But if you have a tight budget, or want to make a gift, this old turntable is your perfect choice.


Roadstar HIF-1899TUMP

Record player old hif 1899tumpk

The 1899TUMPK HIP Roadster is a multifunctional module. It not only has a turntable, it also combines a radio, CD player and cassettes and has a USB input.

For the wood design giving the impression of an old record player of the 20s is impeccable.

The performance and sound, without being bad, can be improved. Nor can you ask for clarity and rich sounds for that price.

The big problem I see is that it does not have any type of audio output either. It’s a shame; if you could connect to external speakers it would be perfect.

In any case, I understand that the one who searches for this type of old record player puts the design above all and, in this case, the imitation in wood of an old player is perfect.

In conclusion, the advantages of this model are that, on the one hand, it is multifunctional. And on the other, its design is based on an unusual concept. The price at which it can be purchased seems acceptable to me.

Dual NR 4 Nostalgie

Turntable of dual vintage stylus nr 4

The NR4 Nostalgie model of Dual is similar in functionality to the Roadster. It is a compact compact system that will draw attention to all those who are looking for an old wood turntable.

Like the other model, it has turntables, CDs, cassettes; radio and pen drive with a vintage wooden design. It also has remote control and the possibility of recording vinyl to mp3 directly on the USB.

The shell is made of real wood and covered with a dark brown layer. The dimensions are almost 50 centimeters wide, 22 inches high and 35 centimeters deep.

When you lower the lid everything is protected except the entrance of the cassette that is on one side. The USB connection in cabio is on the front making it very convenient to connect it.

The Cd player is capable of playing normal music CDs as well as mp3. The best thing about this model is that it has an auxiliary audio input, as well as a headphone output. The previous model did not have them.

The vintage design of this model is in line with the previous record player, but as a big difference I would highlight the ability to convert the vinyl to Mp3 and the headphone output. The price, of course, is slightly higher than the previous one.

Turntable Auna NR-620

This model is also giving a lot to talk about. The design is not entirely old with those modern buttons and the LED screen. We could define it as a mini-string in a wooden box.

In any case, it has a turntable, radio, cassette, CDs, pendrive and SD card input. I already talked about him in the article on retro turntables, but also have a model in brown imitating wood

Like the previous model, it has an output to connect external speakers. That’s a very big point for him, compared to the first models we’ve seen.

This turntable is ideal for those people who are looking for a complete set of music and, at the same time, serve as a decorative element in a room

Ricatech RMC350

I wanted to leave this record player (ultra) retro for the end. And is that the horn of the jukebox is a spectacular addition.

Even being the plastic horn, the finish is sublime. The turntable box is built entirely in wood and the speakers covered in cloth.

It seems the first gramophone that Edison invented, but with CD player and USB input and clear SD cards.

Although the price is not on par with the other old record players of the post, I wanted to add it to the list because it is different from everything else.

Its vintage design is completely unusual and any visit will be left open-mouthed when you see it in your living room. If you have a place to make it clear … because this turntable is the opposite of a portable model.