Best 5+ Extra Large Foldable Papasan Chair

Extra Large Foldable Papasan Chair – Because he will spend many hours there, you need him to be comfortable. If not, he will get tired and become irritable , and as you will understand, his tranquility and yours depend on it.

The back has to rest completely on the padding of the chair. The backrest should have several positions so that you can lower it more or less as you deem appropriate, depending on the age of your child, the time you have seated (maybe you want to recline more to rest, to an almost horizontal position, or less so that interact more). It is important that you have good insurance in all positions.

Another thing that may interest you is that the seat is reversible. What does this mean? Well, you can choose if you want your baby to look forward, in the direction of walking, or look at you while you walk. The eye contact is nice for him and allows you to interact during the walk.

The most usual in this type of chairs is that the baby looks in the direction of the march , since he is beginning to discover the world, and will want to “gossip” everything that happens around him.

The handlebar, your comfort

It will be an extension of you so it is essential that you find it comfortable from the start. You will see that there are two types, the horizontal bar or the double handle . In favor of the first: easier to push, especially with one hand. In favor of the second: they usually occupy less when folded.

A very important point: look that it is adjustable to adjust the height and put it in function of yours , because there is nothing worse for the back than to be inclined on a chair too low. In two days you will have regretted the purchase. More important still if there is a big height difference between you and your partner. You both have to be comfortable or the walks will turn into torture.


That can be adjusted depending on the size of the baby. By no means can the feet remain in the air.

The materials

Let’s assume that the manufacturer already has that they must be hypoallergenic, breathable, resistant and washable. The difference is going to mark then the small details. For example, are the cases removable? Not everyone has that possibility , and they should, because you’re going to need it.

It is important that your baby’s stroller is always perfectly clean. You will have already noticed the amount of crumbs, juice drops and traces of porridge that will fall on the upholstery. Maybe you should buy a case , and if you do not have to keep the textile parts clean so they are always ready. The fabric has to be resistant so you can rub it without hesitation and remove stains.

Obviously the manufacturer will promise you that it will be cleaned superbly and you will have to believe it … or check what other users who have bought the same model say about it.


Your stroller will bring some, others will have to acquire them separately. Before putting yourself to buy because you think everything will be needed, think about the real utility, because these extras will make your purchase quite expensive.

A good basket or storage bag will be very useful. You will have already realized that you will need to take a few things with you when you go for a walk. You may also be interested in having a plastic bubble to use on rainy days, an umbrella with UPF +50 protection for sunny days, a cover for cold days …

Obviously a more expensive chair has to make a difference in something, and that something is sometimes the small design details that you appreciate as soon as you start using it: that the settings are simple, that you have the possibility of hanging toys so that the baby can go Entertaining, you can perform the maximum number of operations with one hand … Details that, without being essential, can make life much easier.


A perfect folding chair to travel, even in the cockpit of an airplane.

Weight: 4,5 Kg | Age: from 6 months to 36 months | Folding type: ultracompact

Besrey Capsule

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With a weight of 4.5 Kg , the Besrey Capsule is a perfect stroller to travel with the child in any means of transport.

The folding is ultracompact, with the push of a button the chair is folded into three parts, in a kind of zig zag, and you get a size so small that you will not get any problems even when traveling by plane.

The measures meet the conditions of the most popular airlines, so you can take the chair with you as carry-on luggage and you will not have to bill it .

To make it even easier to carry, it includes a travel bagthat will prevent the chair from staining or hitting too much.

Otherwise the seat is wide and comfortable for the baby, with a five-point harness and protection pads.

The chassis is made of aluminum, light and resistant . The safety bar is removable and the driving is very comfortable , with eight wheels for easy maneuverability and pedal braking.

Although the design is very different, the most logical comparison with this list is the Baby Jogger City Tour chair . Although it has less details, the Besrey Capsule is quite cheaper , something to take into account if you are looking for a chair that responds on trips.


A super compact chair, for families who travel a lot.

Baby Jogger City Tour

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If at home trips are the usual tonic, the Baby Jogger City Tour is one of the best options that you will find in the market, especially if you are used to flying with the baby.

The folding is ultracompact, with a quick-fold system that allows to fold the entire structure with one hand, and an automatic closure prevents it from opening involuntarily.

It also includes a transport bag , which prevents the chair from getting damaged or getting dirty, something very useful when traveling in the cabin of an airplane.

The wheels of EVA of 5 “and 6” with suspension contribute to the lightness of this chair, which weighs less than 7 Kg. To make the driving smoother you can decide if you want to block them or keep them rotating, and weighing so little can handle the car comfortably with one hand , since the handlebar is in one piece.

In short, the City Tour is a great chair, especially if you’re looking for mobility. But keep in mind that its wonderful folding influences the price . If the trips at home are punctual, there are cheaper chairs or more benefits that can fit better with your lifestyle.


Little weight and good benefits for a chair with brand warranty.

Maclaren Quest

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Maclaren is one of the leading brands in baby seats, and the Quest model is one of the most successful, because it allows you to have a high-performance trolley at an affordable price.

The design is sports line , very in the style of the company, something that is also noted in the weight and portability. Thanks to the aluminum chassis they have achieved a weight of 5.58 Kg, which makes it one of the lightest chairs on the market.

This lightness does not prevent it from being a robust chair, designed to last. In fact, the brand offers lifetime guarantee on the structure and the spare parts are self-replaceable, so you can replace any part yourself at home.

In addition, if not if you do not have much space at home, the Maclaren Quest is perfect, since you can save the carrycot and use it from the start, thanks to its security system for newborns.

The hood is extendable and extra large, water resistant, with sun visor and UPF +50 protection . It also has an extendable footrest.

Without leaving the Maclaren brand, the Techno XT model is very similar to the Quest , but with improvements such as the adjustable handlebar or the larger wheels to make it even more manageable.


A very handy chair, ideal to use from birth.

Maclaren Techno XT

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The Maclaren Techno XT is a model very similar to Quest, one of the best known of the brand. However, for a slightly higher price, the Techno XT incorporates certain improvements that you may want to consider.

On the one hand the handlebar is adjustable in height , a very interesting detail if the driver of the cart measures more than 1.75 m, since it will be much more comfortable to carry.

In addition, the wheels are larger and the type of cushioning is much smoother , which makes driving more enjoyable and better suited to all types of terrain.

It also has the newborn safety system (Newborn Safety System) that allows the baby to be reclining and protected, thanks to the head reducer and shoulder protection.

For the rest, the hood is extendable, with UPF 50+ sun protection and visor . The basic package includes a plastic to protect from rain and wind.

The folding is very comfortable, like that of the Maclaren Quest , although we must take into account that the Techno XTweighs a kilo more and also takes up more space, even folded.


A sturdy, easy-to-handle folding chair for daily use.

Joie Litetrax 4

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The Joie Litetrax 4 is a multipurpose cart, to which you can attach different pieces according to your needs.

Thus, you can have a three in one (stroller, carrycot and car seat) in the same structure , although you will have to buy the parts and their adapters separately.

Anyway, if you want to save the carrycot at specific times, the chair seat reclines almost completely so you can take the baby recostado. Also the footrest is adjustable in two positions.

Without extra add-ons, the Litetrax 4 is a sturdy and almost all-terrain saddle , with integral suspension and lock of rotation on the front wheels.

The folding is done through a simple system in the form of a book, which is accessed from the middle of the seat. With one hand you will have it folded and you can block it so that it does not open unexpectedly, since it stands upright when folded.

The hood is deployed to cover virtually the entire seat , but only from the top, leaving the sides clear. The basic package also includes a rain bubble.

With a very solid structure, the Joie Litetrax 4 is not the cheapest option in the market (it is not the most expensive), but it is a great purchase if you want a comfortable chair that lasts several years . Ideal, for example, if you intend to continue expanding the family.

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