Best 5+ Large Folding Papasan Chair

Large Folding Papasan Chair: The Papasan or stroller is one of the most important purchases you are going to make for your baby. The chair will accompany you almost everywhere, and that is why it is important that it be comfortable for both your baby and you.

After about six months, you can put aside the carrycot and move your child to a lighter chair, an important moment for both of them that will open a different stage, with new experiences.

You will notice the comfort of moving from the large and more capacious carrycot to a pushchair that is handled much more easily.

And for your baby, the possibility of walking with you in a slightly more incorporated position will open a window to start discovering more world. It will be a pleasure to accompany him at this stage.

Surely you’re going to get a lot out of it, because it will be in use until about three years , adapting to growth.

That’s why it’s worth taking the time to study your purchase well, contemplating comfort, safety, and other factors that adapt to your life rhythm such as weight or ease of folding . For this, here is an exhaustive shopping guide plus a list of recommended products, among which you will surely find the stroller that suits you and your baby.

The 5 BEST Large Folding Papasan Chair OF 2018

This selection combines personal opinions with technical characteristics and user ratings, always looking for the best stroller for parents and for the baby.


An economical and successful car, perfect as an auxiliary chair.

Hauk Shopper Sport

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The name already gives us a clue: the Hauck Shopper Sport is an urban chair, with a large lower basketdesigned so you can go shopping and errands with your baby, without having to carry uncomfortable packages.

It weighs less than seven kilos , and has a folding system type scissors very comfortable to handle and that, once done, occupies very little.

The seat is quite large , so that even the most grown children can go at ease; when they are small, the five-point-hooked quilted belt prevents the baby from “dancing” in the excess space.

The backrest is reclining to an almost horizontal position and the footrest is also adjusted up to five positions. The front bar is removable , so you can choose whether to put it on or not.

Having such a tight price, it is important to say that this is a basic stroller , which does not mean that it perfectly fulfills its function.

The Hauck Sport you will love if you are looking for a simple and effective car, without spending a lot of money . It is perfect to use as a joker and leave it in your second home or in the grandparents’ house.

  • better as a second chair.


An economic and very light chair, that withstands the intensive use well.

Chicco London

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For those who are looking for a very light and manageable stroller, the London of Chicco is a super sales that combines price and performance in a simple cart with the guarantee of a recognized brand.

The London is a very transportable chair, thanks to its light weight and the eight wheels that make it slide easily. The umbrella type closure is compact and easy to assemble.

It is perfect for walking around the city and to take on vacation . Also to have as a second chair, for example in the grandparents’ house.

The backrest is reclining in four positions , which are adjusted with one hand. The last position reaches almost horizontal, helping the child to sleep in the chair. In addition, it has an adjustable footrest, to adjust to the growth of the baby.

The five-point safety harness and front bar protect your baby from falls and accidents.

The canopy becomes an umbrella , although if the day is very sunny you will need a universal umbrella.

If you live in a very humid climate, you may have to buy a large raincoat, but if not, the package of the London Chicco already includes a rain cover that can save you from punctual showers.


A classic of the strollers: simple, functional and friendly design.

Chicco Lite Way 2

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The Lite Way 2 is one of the most popular chairs of the Chicco march , as it combines an affordable price with a modern and functional design.

Without having any particularly remarkable feature (it is not the lightest, nor the most foldable, nor the most robust of the market), the Chicco Lite Way 2 responds perfectly as a “for everything” chair and I am sure that you have already seen it by the Street on more than one occasion.

The backrest reclines up to five positions, although it does not reach the horizontal. The front bar is foldable, and the padded harnesses and straps allow your child to go as comfortable as possible .

Includes rain bubble and a hood with extendable front that allows you to do without the umbrella.

The folding is very simple, as is usual in the Chicco brand. It is folded type umbrella, and includes a handle for transportthat makes it much more comfortable.

The design is also a point in favor, since the brand takes special care of it and there are several colors so you can choose the one that best suits you. The cover is removable and can be machine washed , so that it is always impeccable.


A lightweight chair with a great value for money.

Babyhome Emotion

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With a design that goes out of the usual in this type of chairs, the Babyhome Emotion is a great purchase that does not require a large outlay. Without being a cheap chair, the value for money seems excellent , since it has great virtues that will convince you.

The first thing is that it is a very manoeuvrable and easy to drive chair , thanks to its low weight and damping on all four wheels, with rear brake by pedal.

Reclining backrest, although it does not reach the horizontal position, footrest with two positions of use, and five-point harness with adjustable shoulder protectors.

It also has a window in the hood to carry your baby under control at all times.

Another of the most interesting features that is you can attach a carrycot, to use it from birth.

The folding is compact, with two movements you have it done , and adds a security lock so that it does not open by accident.

The box includes rain protector and mosquito net . The storage basket is larger than normal, and with a specially accessible design so that you have all your things at hand.


A sports-style chair that responds on almost any terrain.

Knorr Baby Joggy S

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With three large pneumatic wheels, the Knorr Baby Joggy S chair is clearly prepared for long walks, and even jogging with the baby.

For that, the front wheel rotates 360º, making the chair very maneuverable in movement. It also helps that the height of the handle is adjustable, and that it has a soft coating , facilitating the grip.

The safety bar is removable and the backrest adjustable, by means of a simple system of loops . At first glance it seems a bit flimsy, but then it turns out to be surprisingly comfortable (although you’ll need both hands to do it). He also reclines completely in case the child wants to sleep.

The recommended age of use is from one year, but there are users who claim to use it from six months. In these cases what you have to look at is the size of your baby, so that it does not dance too much in the seat, which has a depth of 23 cm.

The chair is not assembled , although the assembly is very simple.

The best and worst of the Knorr Baby Joggy S is its size, bigger than usual. This makes it very comfortable for the baby but at the same time it takes up a lot of space, even folded. If space is important to you, you may have to look for another model from this list.

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