The Best Motorcycle Cameras Of 2018

Do not want to miss single information of your motorcycle trip? What you should do is buy the best video camera on the market as soon as possible and start recording all your trips. In the market you can find many options. To choose the right model, I invite you to read my list. So you can know the best gopro for motorcycle helmet this season.

Thanks to the low price of the cameras, everyone can enjoy one on their motorcycle. A good option can be the sports camera of the Ixroad brand, through which you can make high quality recordings, in exchange for a very attractive price.


In this case you can enjoy a camera that will allow you to record the entire journey you make with your camera with a 4k Ultra HD resolution. That is, the whole tour will be recorded in the highest quality, so that later you can enjoy it at home or share it with other people. What’s more, the image quality is very good, thanks to the fact that it has 25 frames per second.

You can also record at 720p, where you can enjoy up to 120 fps. Thanks to this you can then see the images in slow motion, with the aim of enjoying the video for much longer.

Another of the positive points of this model is its impermeability. Thanks to this, you can use it even on rainy days. It is a very important point in favor.

The operation of the camera is very simple. It has a remote control to be able to turn on and off the camera easily without having to walk to the camera at all.

When you buy it, you will notice that it includes 2 batteries. This comes in handy on long trips, since you’ll have more autonomy to record your trips and experiences.

Oneu Motorcycle Camera


Another very interesting alternative to record your trips is the model offered by Oneu. In this case the price is lower than the previous model, although in return the characteristics are also somewhat lower. Although if you are not a very demanding person, you can be sure that it will give you very good results.

As in the previous case, the model is waterproof, so you can use the camera without fear even on rainy days.

The quality of the video does not reach 4K, but it is 1080P, so you can enjoy very good images. It has a wide angle, so you do not miss a single detail of your trip. And do not forget that it has different recording methods, so you can choose the one that most interests you at all times.

In terms of size, we can see that the camera is quite small and very light. This will allow you to carry it with you without problems, hence more and more motorists want to take their own camera to record their trips and play them when they cannot take the bike because it is very cold or it rains a lot. Keep in mind that this camera can be mounted on the helmet easily, so you can record everything you see without problems. Although you can also install it on the motorcycle, as long as it does not bother you in driving.

Sports Camera for Motorcycle Wimius


Again I will talk about a model that will allow you to record everything that happens on your bike with a 4K Ultra HD resolution at 20 mp. These 4K videos will be recorded at 24 fps. Although you can also lower the resolution to improve the number of fps. This will depend on your needs at any time.

The camera can be linked with your mobile, either iPhone or Android to keep the camera controlled at all times. To get control, you will only have to download the application in a timely manner. Once you have it installed on your mobile, you will see how the operation of the camera will be very simple.

As it usually happens with the latest generation cameras, it can get wet. What’s more, it can be put under water, as long as the depth does not exceed 30 meters.

Among other things, it has the option of remote shooting through the mobile, slow motion recording function, loop recording … among many other alternatives.

If you finally bet on buying this pack, you can see how it includes different extras, such as 2 batteries of 1000 mAh each. This means that you can record more than an hour with each battery, as long as you choose the maximum resolution. Although if you lower the resolution, then you can enjoy more time recording with each of the batteries.

For example, I tested this camera with a 32 gb memory card and it has given me very good results, so I recommend it to you.

Vemont Motorcycle Camera

Despite being a simple model, this camera has the ability to record at 1080, more than enough to make good videos. Of course, the angle of recording is not the widest, remembering that it is 120 degrees.

On the other hand, the model has a case that will protect the camera against water or humidity. Thanks to this case, you can enjoy your camera when it rains. That way you will not have to worry about getting wet or not.

It includes a small instruction book available in several languages, so that it is easier for you to understand how it works. But with little you know about technology, you will know how to operate it from the first moment. It is one of the best options if you are looking for the cheapest market.

Camera For Motorcycle Stoga Of 1080p

It has a telescope design and is a very small camera. So you can put it on the helmet without any problem and enjoy everything you’ve enjoyed during your motorcycle trip.

Despite being a small camera, it will allow you to enjoy a viewing angle of 120 degrees, which is not bad for its small dimensions.

In this case, the camera is capable of recording at a maximum resolution of 1080P, while you can include in the interior of the camera a card of up to 32 GB capacity. Of course, keep in mind that the card is not included in the pack, so you must buy it separately.

As you would expect in a good camera, it is waterproof, so you can use it without problems during rainy days.

Keep in mind that its size is very small. This will allow you to choose where to put it. You can easily put it on the helmet or on the handlebar and enjoy different scenarios. Many people bet on the helmet, but this is already a matter of taste.


Iconntechs Full Hd Motorcycle Camera

If you want to enjoy good videos, but do not want to spend a lot of money, even if you can not record in 4K, this option will surely interest you. I have many biker friends who have it and all of them agree that it is a very good camera.

This sports camera is of small dimensions, so you can use it without problems in your helmet. With a good mount you can easily install it and you will only have to worry about turning it on so that it starts recording. Its weight is also very light, weighing only 64 grams, which makes it a great alternative.

This model can be said to be a professional camera at a small price. It allows you to record 1080p in different formats and is capable of capturing images with a good resolution, even if you are moving at high speeds.

Using the camera is very easy, at the same time that it has a 2-inch Lcd screen, through which you can watch the videos made or program it according to your needs. But if there is something I like about this model, it is its recording angle. This angle is 170º so you can enjoy a complete vision and achieve greater realism for your recordings and images.

The camera includes many accessories among which I will highlight its casing, which will make it possible to use it on rainy days or even in the water. In case of putting it in the water, the maximum depth will be 30 meters. Regarding the number of recording hours, the number will depend on the resolution. In 1080P you can record up to 5 hours.

Camera for Motorcycle Victsing Eypro 1

To finish the list, I want to end by talking about the camera model that most engines use when buying a good camera for their bikes.

This Gopro camera model is having a great sales success for two reasons. Its quality and its price. All this makes the opinions of bikers are very positive and therefore everyone wants to have this model in their possession.

This Wifi camera can record at different resolutions, although the maximum resolution is at 1080P. Depending on the resolution, the fps can be one or the other. But to achieve a perfect image quality, you can adjust the camera to your tastes, such as sensitivity, you can put different balances … if you calibrate it well, you can get some videos and images of the highest quality.

Passing the videos to another device is very easy. You can use the wires of a lifetime or the wifi to make everything easier. Then if you want you can save the videos on your hard drive or upload them to the internet.

It has a recording system that has an engraving angle of 170º, so the image will look really realistic when it comes to viewing it.

And of course, it is a camera that can be easily put on the helmet thanks to its small dimensions and weight, while you can use it on rainy days. It is a camera that will give you very good results despite having a very cheap price.

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