What are the Different Types of Learning Management Systems?

Now we know what an LMS is, why you should use an LMS and how to evaluate an LMS. Let’s look at learning management systems from a different perspective. What are the types of learning management systems?

In this article, we are going to talk about the different LMS systems.

LMS based on the web vs. LMS with installed software

The biggest difference in LMS solutions is between the web-based LMS software and the installed LMS software. Before, you had to install the first LMS software on your own server. It had to be maintained by your own computer department. It came with large installation and maintenance costs. Which cost you a lot of money. Modern LMS vendors develop web-based online learning management systems. The price of web-based software is a fraction of the large and coarse installed software. To make matters worse, the LMS vendors keep the software and continue to develop and improve their LMS software online. There are no large installation costs and the monthly costs are much lower than the installed software.types-of-learning-management-systems

SaaS / LMS in the cloud vs LMS with a server

In web-based software, there are two different views. You can choose a SaaS LMS or you can have the software on your server. If you are going to have it on your server, you will be in full control of the server’s specifications. But you are also responsible for the availability of the network and the security of your server. You have to upload any update that is available. If you choose an LMS SaaS online, all those responsibilities are from the seller. You can concentrate on creating online courses.

Free vs Commercial

If you have a technical talent on your team and you have a tight budget, take a look at the free learning management systems that are available. There are some solutions that you can install and maintain yourself. If you do not want to install and start the software yourself, you have to choose a commercial LMS.

Open Source vs Closed Source

In both the web-based and the installed software, you have open and closed source learning management systems. The LMS online SaaS software in the cloud is never open source. If you’re a fan of open source projects you do not have to see that software. Open source gives you freedom, but also responsibilities. If you are a girl or boy who does not want trouble, simply choose in LMS SaaS online.


With regard to integrations, you have systems with integrations and systems without integrations. For data to flow freely, you have to consider an LMS that offers integrations with third parties.

And how about the Easy LMS?

Get ready: our LMS is a web-based LMS, with a server in the cloud and provided to you as a SaaS LMS. Or in the language of normal people: just sign up and start using our LMS 🙂

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